Dermaplaning For Bright Skin – Do You Really Need It?

We all love bright skin. From dewy makeup to facial polish in tubes, the world of dermatology keeps on coming up with innovative ways to help you achieve the skin of your dreams - but at what cost?

Enter Dermaplanning

Dermaplanning involves using a scalpel like blade to “shave” of the dead skin from the surface of your face. It also removes peach fuzz and leaves you with smoother and brighter skin. A licensed esthetician or dermatologist uses short strokes on stretched out skin to remove the superficial layer of your skin.

20 minutes after the treatment, your face feels rejuvenated and your products absorb even better! Your makeup even goes on flawlessly, and you feel like your skin can breathe! Sounds amazing, right?

Well, not quite.

Vitamin C for Face  and Dermabright

You Need That Peach Fuzz

You need that peach fuzz to keep your skin protected from exposure. Dermaplanning removes it, making your skin vulnerable to sunburn and dust particles that wouldn’t have otherwise affected your skin!

Not For the Acne Prone

Dermaplaning can’t happen on skin that has acne. If you get a pimple or are still healing from older ones, you won’t be able to get the treatment!

It’s Pretty High Maintenance

There is a whole regime of pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment care – skipping out on that could affect your skin during the treatment!

Let’s Talk About the Price

The average Dermaplaning session costs between $75 and $150. In fact, depending on where you live and how many sessions you take, it gradually costs a lot.

Let’s Get Real

You don’t need to over exfoliate your skin to get that radiant glow! In fact, there’s a much better way to achieve bright skin that doesn’t need a touch up every 2 weeks!

Before we get to the miracle product, let’s talk a bit about the main skin brightening agent that’s been around for decades – Vitamin C!

It’s Natural!

Naturally found in food, Vitamin C is uber safe to use and even consume!

It’s An Antioxidant!

Vitamin C helps to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, the environment and even acne-causing bacteria! In other words, it’s amazing.

It Keeps Your Skin Thriving

Vitamin C is known for its collagen and elastin boosting properties. It also aids in skin healing by naturally regulating your skin’s cycle over long-term use!

Using Vitamin C For Skin

Check out this amazing vitamin C serum for face – made from all products natural. Paired with hydrating and protecting nutrients, it’s the best face serum right now!

It’s packed with Vitamins C and E, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and emollients like Glycerin and Niacinamide. In other words, it’s nothing short of a miracle if used diligently.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this powerful Vitamin C Serum now!

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I am sorry that Dermaplanning did not go well on you. A natural and safe skincare product that is winning the competition at this moment is the Advanced Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum from ML Delicate Beauty ( I suggest that you wash your face with a natural soap (with no chemical or artificial ingredients). Apply ML Delicate Beauty Vitamin C facial serum on a daily basis every morning. I am sure, after 4-6 weeks you will see the difference.

I hope that I answer your question.

Jennifer Valdino September 09, 2019

I used to do derma planning all the time and now I am seriously paying for it. My skin is super rough and just doesn’t look the way it used to. Do you know of any products I could use to help combat this?

Gina September 09, 2019

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