The 7 Most Important Things to Look for in a Facial Moisturizer

When it comes to a facial moisturizer, the skincare market has plenty for different skin conditions and age-groups. If you have oily skin, you will be recommended a lotion that is oil-balancing and skin-clearing.

There are chances that a salesperson may even compel you to buy a toner, a serum, and a facial mist along with it too just because “the lotion works better when used with so-and-so product”. You won’t just end up spending too much money on skincare, but it can also get particularly disappointing to find out that the lotion simply doesn’t work for you.


Finding the right moisturizer for your troubled skin will take time. You can’t instantly find the one. Unfortunately, most skincare products are too simplistic. They are made for general skin conditions. If you have dry skin and acne, then a majority of the facial moisturizers will have hydrating ingredients that may end up clogging your pores.

Facial creams that are specifically made to reduce signs of ageing might not help your complexion. On the other hand, facial creams that are made to combat hyper-pigmentation may make your skin more photo-sensitive due to harsh acidic ingredients.

The point is, most skincare products only tackle one aspect of your skin condition and neglect the others. Normally, people who have skin troubles like acne, dark spots, or melasma have quite complex skins. They’re not simple enough to heal with a normal drugstore lotion.

This is the reason why finding the right moisturizer to suit your specific skin condition requires research, patience, and trial and error. Let’s have a look at the most important questions to ask before buying a facial moisturizer.

1. Does it Suit Your Skin Type?

This is perhaps the most important question in your quest to find the perfect facial lotion. For this, you need to first determine what your skin type is. You can do the T-zone test. Wash your face thoroughly with your usual cleanser and wait for an hour.

If you see your T-zone and cheeks becoming extremely dry and flaky, then you definitely have dry skin. If your T-zone becomes oily but the rest of your face is normal, then you have combination skin. While determining oily skin is the easiest, all of these categories are simply based on brief observations.

Your skin type can also change with the weather and humidity levels in the atmosphere. If you’re not sure about your skin type, then try observing it over the length of a week. That way, you will be more certain whether it’s dry, oily or normal.

Once you’ve established your skin type, it’s time to shortlist all the moisturizers to the needs of your skin. Someone with oily skin will only have eyes on facial lotions for that condition and will ditch every other product.

2. Is it Non-comedogenic?

The next thing to make sure is that the moisturizers you’ve shortlisted are also non-comedogenic. This means that the ingredients should not clog your pores. This is especially important for people with acne-prone and oily skin.

Some ingredients that you need to avoid at all costs are silicone-based, especially dimethicone. Silicones are essentially supposed to smooth out the skin and fill in the pores. However, because it settles way deep into the pores, it can worsen acne and lead to bumps. This way, you won’t clear up acne.

Hence, make sure that the facial lotion you use doesn’t end up congesting your skin. It should ideally be lightweight and breathable for your skin. If you only have dry skin and no signs of acne, then you may choose a hydrating moisturizer, whether it is comedogenic or not.

3. Is it Hydrating Enough?

If you are applying your moisturizer several times a day, that says a lot about the effectiveness and authenticity of the product. Either it’s not made for your skin or the formula is simply not hydrating enough.

There is no point in wasting money over a facial lotion that you have to keep re-applying. If your skin constantly flakes up despite using a lotion that claims to be “hydrating”, then you need to re-evaluate your choices.

Applying it twice should be more than enough on normal days, while maybe thrice is good enough to beat extreme dry spells. Vitamin A is another essential ingredient to keep your skin hydrated, supple, and firm. Hence, choose a moisturizer that contains nourishing oils, vitamins, and hydrating acids for your face.

4. Does it Have an Enriched Formula?

A facial moisturizer that has a deeply nourishing, enriched formula will definitely reap results in just a few uses. The idea behind an enriched formula is that it includes a host of healing ingredients that work together to clear up and moisturize your skin.

An enriched formula, by its very name, should have vitamins, minerals, and healthy acids that clear out the skin and restore a healthy balance. Acne-prone skin will immediately benefit from an enriched formula with healthy oils because moisture is what it essentially needs.

Dry skin will instantly absorb an enriched facial lotion in its layers because it is usually dehydrated and parched. There are many benefits of an enriched formula. It is infused with healthy nutrients that can wake tired skin and restore vitality.

Even when standard formulae in skincare is popular, if you have many skin problems, try to look for a facial lotion with healthy nutrients. An enriched formula will facilitate the optimal environment for your skin to heal and finally get rid of those stubborn dark spots.

5. Are the Ingredients Safe?

The next thing that you should keenly watch out for is the ingredient list. A facial moisturizer that claims to be the best protection for acne-prone skin may be harboring a problematic ingredient. Alcohol and silicones can be especially dangerous for acne skins.

Many skincare products use alcohol in their lotions, toners, and facial cleansers because it dries the skin and can quickly kill the bacteria. Even when this is true, alcohol can be extremely drying for the skin. It can dehydrate even the deep layers of your skin, leaving you with open pores and flaky skin.

If you notice the word “alcohol” mentioned in the ingredient list, put down the product immediately. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, alcohol is dangerous and super-drying for even the best skins in the long term.

Parabens are another ingredient you need to watch out for. The effects of these chemicals upon direct contact with the skin are extremely harmful and harsh. This is something the cosmetic industry will never tell you. Parabens can lead to pre-mature signs of ageing that are very difficult to reverse.

A facial lotion that claims to reverse ageing but has parabens in it is pretty much defeating its own purpose. You may be able to see the results in the short term, but they’re only a temporary fix. For long term results, the ideal facial moisturizer should only have the safest and purest ingredients for your skin.

And while you’re at it, watch out for perfume or fragrances as well. Any facial product that has a strong fragrance will almost always have an irritant in it. Facial moisturizers that are naturally made or have safe ingredients will have a mild smell too.

You have to make sure that none of the ingredients, including the fragrance, irritate your skin or break you out. Hence, always research the ingredients before buying a facial moisturizer.

6. Does it Brighten Your Complexion?

Dull complexion, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and an uneven complexion are the most common concerns for people. In fact, many women who have never applied creams their entire lives may just splurge on anti-ageing lotions in their 50s because moisturizing is a weapon against dark spots.

Any part of your body that you religiously moisturize will get fairer and plumper overtime. If the skin is dry and doesn’t receive hydration on a daily basis, it will not just age faster but will also become dark. A more common reason of dark skin is hyper-pigmentation. This could be due to a lot of reasons. Pollution, stress, acne, and hormonal imbalances are just some of them.

For anyone who has experienced hyper-pigmentation anywhere on their face will know that it is the most stubborn skin condition. It can take years to fade away. The only permanent solution to it is a moisturizing cream that also works to brighten your skin.

A good facial moisturizer will do this by breaking down the dark, pigmented cells and encouraging fresher, brighter skin cells to come up on the surface. Hence, when you look for a facial moisturizer, investigate whether it also works to brighten up and even out your complexion.

7. Does it Seem Too Good to Be True?

No skincare product is as amazing as the salesperson says it is. If you ever come across a skincare product that seems too good to be true, it probably is. A good skincare company will also have realistic standards and will market only those results that are achievable.

You can’t wake up with a fairer skin tone or no acne spots in a week. Your body doesn’t function like that. The best skincare products will discuss your skin condition and offer an effective solution to it. In the end, a facial moisturizer will not instantly give you the perfect skin. Rather, it will help you achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed, but that too will take time.

Why the 0.5% Retinol High-Quality Moisturizer is the Best Facial Moisturizer for You

The 0.5% Retinol High-Quality Moisturizer may quite honestly be your best purchase. It has all the things you really need in a moisturizer. Let’s have a look at its key ingredients for more insight.

  • Vitamin A

Many retinol-infused skincare products are often too harsh on the skin because they contain high amounts of retinyl palmitate and retinol. This moisturizer, however, contains the safest amount (0.5%) of retinol that comfortably sits on the skin without irritating it.

This is the ideal amount of pure vitamin A that you need to keep your skin supple, smooth, and bright. With each use, you will be able to see a fairer and more even skintone.

  • Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is an incredibly hydrating and lightweight oil that has the same chemical formation as the human sebum. When you apply this moisturizer, the jojoba oil will work to mimic your skin’s sebum production and trick it into producing less oil.

This way, your skin will be more balanced and acne will be kept under control.

  • Squalene

Directly extracted from olives, Squalene is a potent portion containing the goodness of olive oil. It is an excellent hydrator and deeply moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores.

  • Safflower Seed oil

Safflower is actually one of the oldest crops in the history of humanity. People from ancient times have been cultivating it for centuries. Safflowers oil is not only an incredibly thick emollient with amazing moisturizing qualities, but it also keeps your skin plump and supple.

  • Hydrolyzed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful emollient for the skin as it perfectly moisturizes the outer layer of the skin and adds a natural glow to your cheeks.

  • Glycerin

Glycerin is a safe and natural humectant that works to lock in all the moisture in your skin and balance the oils. It cuts down the loss of hydration from the skin and keeps it looking healthy.

  • Ceramide-3

Ceramides are fats or lipids that naturally occur in the skin. They are the skin’s biggest weapon against ageing and sun-damage. Overtime the ceramides in your skin reduce so it’s important to consume them through a facial product.

This facial moisturizer locks in all the moisture, eliminates dark spots, and keeps your skin looking super-healthy and gorgeous. Your search for the perfect moisturizer is now over. Get your hands on the 0.5% Retinol High-quality Moisturizer by ML Delicate Beauty.


 What are the most important things you are specifically looking in a facial moisturizer. Leave us a comment below.



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Jennifer Valdino September 15, 2019

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Personally, I am looking for the Glycerin ingredient in any facial moisturizer that I am buying. I feel like it keeps the hydration and the brightness on my face.

Jeanette Henderson May 22, 2019

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