Preventing Greasy Skin This Summer

As great as summers are, they bring along greasy and oily skin that results in frequent acne breakouts. This article covers all the products and ways that can effectively help prevent greasy skin this summer!

Is your oily skin becoming difficult to tackle?

Well, this summer isn’t going to be like the rest! Oily skin occurs when your skin’s glands become overly active and begin to release natural oils constantly to protect and hydrate your skin. Not only does oily skin look really bad, but it is also quite harmful to the skin. And not to mention, sweat and sebum do not go well together – who wants painful pimples in summer?

So if you’ve been waiting for facial care products to beat oily skin, we’ve got you covered.

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Try a Clay Mask

Clay masks are always amazing to use in summer. Not only do they soak up excess grease as they dry, they also purify and decongest your skin and are a staple in organic skin care.

One of the best ways to use clay masks is right before your bedtime skin care regiment – and with a little bit of apple cider vinegar!

Let Your Skin Soak in Some Hyaluronic Acid

When the skin loses its moisture for whatever reason, it begins to overproduce oil to compensate.

Enter Hyaluronic Acid. It keeps your skin hydrated and also attracts moisture from the atmosphere to inhibit sebum production! You’re left with smooth, plump and non-greasy skin.

The summer season can bring along oily and greasy skin for many people. Keep reading to find out how you can prevent greasy skin this summer!

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Bring Out the Big Guns: Retinol

We all know the new Holy Grail in skin care: Retinol! Known to reverse signs of aging and literally regenerate new skin, it’s much more than that.

Retinol also helps to tighten your skin, which means your pores shrink. It also helps to reduce sebum production, too – and both of these factors together limit the grease, shine, and the painful acne. Get yourself a retinol moisturizer now!

Good Ol’ Vitamin C

There’s always one use or another for a Vitamin C serum for face use. Known to battle oxidative stress, not only is it one of the best natural anti aging products, but it’s also great for oily skin.

It works great for skin that’s prone to acne due to over greasiness, and also helps to boost collagen and increase the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Definitely a daily morning must for summer.

And another way to deal with greasy skin is to use oil-free, non-comedogenic, and natural products. You don’t want to add excess moisture to your skin, especially when it’s already in oil-producing overdrive.

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Use a Toner

Toning your skin is a great way to get your greasy skin under control. While astringent toners that contain alcohol can end up drying out your skin too much, there are certain natural astringents that can soothe your skin. For instance, witch hazel makes a great natural toner with its incredible anti-inflammatory properties.

For some people, natural astringent toners help shrink pores and all help get rid of any makeup residue or bits of other products that can clog pores. However, it’s important to know that these products don’t work for everyone. To avoid any potential irritation or side effects, you should always start with a patch test.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Those with oily skin tend to steer clear of creams and moisturizers due to the fear that their skin will appear greasier. Having oily or greasy skin doesn’t mean that you are allowed to skip moisturizer. Let’s make one thing clear, oil isn’t the same thing as moisture, so it’s very common for oily skin to dehydrate and start peeling off due to the harsh ingredients used to control sebum production.

The point is that moisturizers can be quite beneficial for greasy skin, given that you use the correct one. You should avoid using moisturizers that contain petroleum, mineral oil, and petrolatum since they can suffocate oil skin and end up clogging pores.

The best option for you is to look for oil-free moisturizers that contain super-hydrating, yet lightweight ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Oil-free moisturizers can help your skin maintain its moisture and remain protected without making it too greasy. If you’re searching for natural ingredient to moisturize your skin, pure aloe vera gel is a great option, given that you go over all its ingredients properly.

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Salicylic Acid

A common belief is that washing your skin is the best way to prevent oily skin. However, that’s not true at all! Over-cleansing your skin places you at a greater risk of breaking out. This is because excessive washing can strip the skin of its natural oils, which then causes the skin to overproduce sebum in order to compensate for the lost oil.

Whether summer or winter, remember to cleanse your face with a targeted formula such as salicylic acid. This magical ingredient is lipophilic, which means that it likes oil. Salicylic acid seeps into the pores of your skin, the sebaceous follicles containing sebum, and it sucks the oil out. This helps unclog your skin’s pores and makes it appear smaller. So, if you are planning to invest in a good facial cleanser for your oily skin, salicylic acid is your best bet!

Summer season doesn’t have to mean greasy skin anymore! Maintain your daily skin regime, including cleansing, toning, and moisturizing using products that suit your skin type.

Preventing greasy skin during the summer requires a combination of appropriate skincare and lifestyle adjustments. Opting for a lighter, water-based or gel-based moisturizer can provide necessary hydration without adding excess oil to the skin. Incorporating a gentle, oil-free cleanser into your daily routine can help in controlling excess sebum production without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Using a mattifying primer or sunscreen can also keep the skin looking less shiny throughout the day. It's important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, as dehydration can signal the skin to produce more oil.

Additionally, incorporating blotting papers or mattifying powders into your routine can help to manage shine throughout the day. Modifying your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, while reducing intake of fried and greasy foods, can also positively impact the skin's oil balance. Finally, regular exfoliation, but not overdoing it, can help in keeping the pores clear and reducing the appearance of greasiness.

Try the amazing retinol moisturizing cream and the advanced skin care vitamin c serum by ML Delicate Beauty! These are some of the best skincare products that contain all-natural ingredients that will hydrate your skin without making it greasy, and will also keep acne at bay!

So what products will you try this summer to battle greasy skin? Let us know!



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I am glad you are following my advice. The Glycerin from the Vitamin C Serum from ML Delicate Beauty is a humectant that works by balancing moisture levels, helping skin feel smoother and softer.

Jennifer Valdino September 09, 2019

I feel as though I literally have the greasiest skin in the world. I constantly have to use the oil blotting sheets and I feel like I have to spend more on those than my actual skincare routine. I’m going to see if I can try a clay mask because everyone keeps saying they help but I’m so lazy and never get around to it.

Angie September 09, 2019

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