6 Reasons for You to Choose Paraben-free Skincare Products

When it comes to skincare, you need to be a little more cautious when choosing products to slather on your face. Most people don’t even check their ingredients; let alone finding out about what they do in detail. Numerous products that are being sold in the name of beauty are packed with preservatives and chemicals!

A majority of skincare products such as cream, lotions, cleansers and gels and even other items such as shampoos contain high amounts of parabens. While these ingredients aren’t listed under the ‘paraben’ name, you can find them under names such as propylparaben, methylparaben, alkyl parahydroxy benzoates, and butylparaben.

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So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what parabens are and why you should invest in paraben-free skincare products.

What are Parabens?

First introduced in the 1950s, parabens are a type of preservative. This substance is incorporated in many skincare, beauty and health products to prolong their shelf life. By preventing the growth of bacteria and mold, parabens can help increase the life of a product, but at the expense of your health.

For instance, only recently was it revealed that parabens may act as a xenoestrogen in your body. This means that it imitates estrogen and contributes to hormonal imbalance and an increase in the cancer cell growth. Parabens are also known to contribute to certain other side effects such as premature aging and brittle hair.

Paraben-Free Skincare Products – Should You Care?

While this decision is yours and only yours to make, learning more about parabens will make you realize that you should care! A multitude of skincare products that contain parabens are available in the market, ready for you to use. On the flipside, you have a number of paraben-free skincare products as well.

Here are a few benefits to should you why paraben-free skincare products are good for you!

1.  Paraben-free Products are Healthier

Your skin is an integral organ of your body. The healthier your body, the healthier your skin, and vice versa. Research revealed that using any sort of products including skincare items that contain parabens are linked with cancer.

Generally, using various preservatives on your skin is anything but benefits. Your body is naturally inclined towards self-cleansing and eliminating toxins through your skin – its largest organ. So, when you put on products that contain weird preservatives, chemicals and fragrances like parabens, they tend to build up in our skin tissues, causing considerable damage.

The point is that just how you pay attention to what you eat, you should also think about the ingredients your skin absorbs through topical use.

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2.  They Help Achieve Younger looking Skin

Unfortunately, most of the so-called anti-aging creams sold in the market contain a type of paraben that ironically, makes you look older! Yes, some parabens literally do the opposite of what they claim to do. A very commonly used paraben called methylparaben is a highly deceptive ingredient that causes your skin to age rather than making it appear younger.

Methylparaben reduces the production of collagen in your skin, a protein that makes up most of your connective tissue and helps keep your skin taut. So, due to a reduction in collagen, your skin becomes very loose and saggy.

If you’re looking for any anti-aging creams or lotions, don’t forget to check whether they contain parabens or not. The good news is that there are many paraben-free au natural products out there to help you combat aging like the amazing anti wrinkle retinol cream by ML Delicate Beauty. This cream is the best natural moisturizer for aging skin.

3.  They Keep Allergies at Bay

Most people might experience certain allergies when using skincare products. In fact, most of the time, they can’t even pinpoint which ingredient is triggering their allergies. Chances are that parabens might be causing redness, excessive itching, bumps or blotchy patches on your skin without you even knowing. Considering this, the best option for you is to invest in organic skincare products as they are paraben-free and completely natural.

Choosing paraben-free skincare products is a prudent step towards minimizing the risk of allergies and skin irritation. Parabens, widely used as preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, have been identified as potential allergens that can trigger skin reactions in sensitive individuals. By opting for paraben-free options, consumers reduce their exposure to these synthetic chemicals, which are often associated with contact dermatitis and other allergic reactions.

Moreover, paraben-free products are usually formulated with gentler, more natural ingredients, offering a safer and more skin-friendly alternative. This shift not only benefits those with existing sensitivities but also supports overall skin health, preventing possible allergic reactions in the future.

4.  They Help Protect the Earth

Considering that parabens are chemicals, it’s no surprise that they take a toll on the environment. When you rinse off your facial cleanser, the water carries the residue (including the parabens) into the large water supply, which eventually ends up in the ocean.

Not only do parabens affect humans, but they also end up causing hormonal disruptions in sea creatures and land mammals. Let’s face it, this isn’t a minor consequence. In fact, every product that you use has the potential to affect the balance of nature. So, the health of your skin shouldn’t be achieved at the price of the health of the world. By opting for paraben-free skincare products, you’re only protecting yourself, but are also serving for the benefit of the environment.

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Choosing paraben-free skincare products significantly contributes to environmental protection. Parabens, commonly used as preservatives in many beauty products, can have detrimental effects on the environment. Once washed off the skin, these chemicals can enter waterways, potentially disrupting aquatic ecosystems and harming wildlife, particularly by interfering with the hormonal systems of different species.

By opting for paraben-free products, consumers reduce the environmental footprint of their skincare routine, supporting the health of marine life and contributing to cleaner water sources. Additionally, paraben-free products often align with eco-friendly practices, such as sustainable sourcing and biodegradable packaging, further amplifying their positive impact on the planet's well-being.

5.  They Lead to Less Spending on Other Products

Once you start opting for natural and organic skincare products like serums with vitamin C and E, you will come to realize that you need less than you imagined! Such products with natural ingredients cause no harm to your skin. However, using chemical-based skincare products that contain substances such as parabens leads you to purchasing even more products. For instance, if you purchase a cleanser containing parabens, you will probably have to buy a cream to help with the irritation it can cause. So, it’s better to buy a simple paraben-free organic cleanser without having to make any additional purchases!

6.  They Help Achieve Noticeable Results

Once you start using paraben-free products, you will notice a drastic change in the health of your skin and overall body! You don’t know the extent to which parabens can affect your health. So, once you make a switch to organic skincare products, you will notice how the parabens were affecting you.


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In the current era, with the massive flow of information, you should be well-aware about the products that you are using especially when it comes to skincare. While organic or natural skincare products do take some time to show prominent results, but they are definitely more skin-friendly in the long run. Your skin is one of the most vital parts of your body that surely deserves the best!

So, if you’re looking for the best skincare products that contain some amazing natural ingredients, visit ML Delicate Beauty now!

Do you check the ingredients before buying skincare products? Let us know in the comments below!



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